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Our History

Formed in 2007, The Courier Company specialises in the international movement of goods and documents, both hazardous and non-hazardous providing extra security.
Over the past 8 years, the company has grown in size and stature and today has an unrivalled fleet (874 vehicles) and network spanning. The current staff complement is 2809 strong – a professional team who are trained and motivated to deliver on the brand promise – to handle every delivery as if it was our own.
Our clients include major corporations and leaders in the retail sector. The Mobile Telephone, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical industries are some where we have considerable experience and a proven track record in delivery.
Four years ago Edges Express, then a largely unknown entity, was awarded the Vodacom courier contract against stiff local and international opposition. Edges Express has subsequently retained the account in three separate tender processes. Pursuant to a failure of their incumbent courier, Edges Express took up the Cell C contractual obligations on two weeks’ notice and migrated the business without a hitch, evidencing Edges Express’s pro-active approach and understanding of Change Management.
Aside from reasons such as our modern fleet, state-of-the-art track and trace technology and our ability to offer Full Liability cover at favourable rates, there are softer issues that have led to our success – commitment and loyalty. Edges Express is committed to looking after our primary asset: our people. We foster loyalty among our staff by paying above average salaries, up-skilling them through on-going training and incentivising them via a co-ordinated performance reward programme.

There are also some operational factors that help us keep our competitors in our rear view mirror. To our knowledge we are the only courier company in United Kingdom that does not sub-contract deliveries to third parties. We maintain a 15% spare capacity of vehicles to ensure that we can keep this promise. You hand your parcel to us, and we hand it over at its destination – hence our descriptor ‘Hand-to-Hand Couriers’.
Today Edges Express has over 1500 active clients and takes pride in the fact that they treat us as partners in their businesses rather than suppliers of commodity services. Many of our clients invite us to co-operate with them on all matters applicable to the storage, packaging, insurance and distribution of their goods. Through close co-operation, we ensure the swift and safe transfer of goods from pick-up to destination. This collaboration of effort and ideas ensures that the alliance between our clients and ourselves grows stronger over time.