Wine and Spirits

Wine and Spirits

Edges Express, International Transport and Logistics Holding, offers effective logistic solutions to the companies which specialize in the production and the distribution of spirits.

For the purpose of providing high quality service, in compliance with individual requirements of consumers, the subdivision Edges Express Spirits Logistics works successfully and develops efficiently. The main specialization of the subdivision is the importing and exporting of wine, vermouth and spirits in and from the CIS countries.
We offer a full range of logistics solutions:

  • Delivery of spirits (including small consignments of goods) by road transport to the excise warehouses in Lithuania and Latvia
  • Organization of transportation by container trucks from the foreign countries (North and Latin America, Australia, Republic of South Africa) through the sea ports of Riga, Klaipeda, Illichivsk, Odessa and St. Petersburg
  • Affixing of documentary stamps and sticky notes (including the printing of sticky notes) to the goods in the excise warehouses in Lithuania and Latvia
  • Cargo deliveries from excise warehouses to final consignees
  • Direct deliveries from the plants
  • Export of spirits in the countries of EU, the transit of goods on the territory of EU against guarantee of the company

Edges Express Spirits Logistics advantages are the market knowledge in the CIS countries and great employee experiences in the logistics of spirits which guarantee the use of effective schemes and taking into account legislative regulations. Edges Express Spirits Logistics delivers spirits to the countries of the EU and transits it through EU against own guarantee without intermediaries. Edges Express Spirits Logistics status of a licensed customs carrier enables our customers to draw the guarantee certificate and permits to deliver spirits on the territory of the Russian Federation against guarantee of Edges Express Transport.

The holding, a member of TAPA, reduces risks and guarantees the protection of the transported spirits. Edges Express Spirits Logistics assists the suppliers (members of TAPA’s convention) who insure the liability and the protection of the transported cargo.

In 2013 Edges Express passed “the management system certification” according to ISO 22000 intended for the safekeeping and the protection of transported alimentary goods, including wine and other spirits.

You may contact the nearest office of Edges Express to receive supplementary information about the possibilities of Edges Express Spirits Logistics and to request a quote for the cargo transportation.