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Holding’s Operating Principles


  • Live and work in harmony with the nature

  • All our trucks meet Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards

  • Constant training of our drivers and high level of trucks maintenance

  • All cargo is transported in accordance with environmental norms

  • Strict control on consumption of environmental resources used by the company in its everyday’s activity

  • Rational transport solutions
  • Our supply chain meets environmental requirements
  • Up to date education and training on ecological programmes


Edges Express's main objective on quality involves tight collaboration with all our clients at all levels in order to meet highest standards and customer satisfaction.

Our success is based on effective management of all business processes within the Holding in accordance with the Quality Management System (QMS) and compliance of International Standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 22000:2005, and other rules and legislations.

Human Resources:

  • Our team is our main asset

  • Human relationships as a social aspect

  • People’s responsibility for intercommunication within the company

  • Trust and passion of all team members in the company’s strategy and objectives